The Seas Just Got Bloodier – ‘Maneater’ Launches for PS4, Xbox, and PC!

Today is the day.

Finally, chum like me get to rise to the top of the food chain as one of the world’s most feared predators. Sure, Jaws: Unleashed put us behind the dorsal fin of cinema’s most infamous great white shark first, but Maneater is so much more than a rehash of the 2006 linear oceanic adventure. Tripwire Interactive, known for the Killing Floor and Red Orchestra series, is bringing us something we’ve never seen before –

An Open-World Shark Action Role-Playing Game!

You can’t tell me that doesn’t get you a little excited! 

As a pup bull shark orphaned by gruff shark hunter Scaly Pete, you’ll set out to become a beast big enough to bring down the Cajun killer. To do so, you’ll have to navigate a world hellbent on turning you into its prey, upgrade yourself to learn new murderous tactics, and evolve your attacks and defenses.

Yes. I said upgrade and evolve

Maneater – which releases today (May 20) for the PS4, Xbox One, and PC – is a full-on action-RPG (a shARkPG, according to Tripwire). You’ll explore. You’ll eat. You’ll evolve. It’s a trio of elements that have me truly amped up to (literally) dive into the murky waters of the seven featured environments of the Gulf Coast. 

On your quest to become the most feared creature of the seas, you’ll square off against some nasty apex predators of the hazardous depths. Among them are an alligator that’s perfected the death roll, great whites, hammerheads, orcas, and many more! Once they sink their teeth into you, you’ll have no choice but to battle them head-on to escape their bloodlust.

You may think you’ll have only your teeth and bite power to keep you alive, but there is much to this bull shark that’s yet to be seen. As you progress, your shark will learn new tricks, develop armor, and even mutate to enhance and alter attacks. Evolutions give you a fin up on your enemies, be they aquatic or two-legged treats, and will be what separates Maneater from the dozens of other shark adventures out there.

Oh, wait, that’s right. For some reason, there’s only been one other shark adventure (ignoring Ubisoft’s Hungry Shark Evolution, of course)! If you ask me, developers are dropping the ball and aren’t necessarily giving us the video game insanity we crave. And by “we,” I 100% mean me. It’s very clear that Maneater isn’t going to be for everyone. Many, I’m sure, will hate the shark’s frantic movements, loath the camera as it insists you want to “knife” the surface at inopportune moments, and chide the lack of any multiplayer.

To them I say… nothing. Because I’m too busy having fun being a damn shark! Keep an eye on my YouTube channel for gameplay content as I work my way through this blood, deep-sea adventure!

Kudos, Tripwire Interactive, and best of luck on the Maneater launch!

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