The Spirit of Gaming Partners with Rotten Tonic for Face Mask Giveaway!

We live in an unusual time. The COVID-19 pandemic has left us scrambling to do the right thing, even if we’re not 100% sure what that may be. Rare is it now to go somewhere public and not see half-a-dozen people covering their faces with some form of fabric.

Face masks are a part of life, whether we want them to be or not. While it can be scary and shrouded in uncertainty, there are those looking to put some light spin on it to keep us sane. While I’m among them, hoping to distract with asinine content and social media posts, I know I can use the help.

That’s why I’ve partnered with Rotten Tonic, an up-and-coming Etsy shop specializing in “geeky, spicy, and ghoulie” designs, for a face mask giveaway. Being a non-profit outlet, it’s not often I can provide the gaming community with something. So, when the opportunity arises, I want to make sure it reaches as many people as possible.

The giveaway is for this mask, perfect for the gamer in all of us:

How To enter:

  • Follow the directions on this tweet:

Complete all four tasks and you’re guaranteed 5 entries into the giveaway! You’ll need to complete them by 05/31, as the winner will be announced on 06/01!

Also, don’t be shy! Peruse Rotten Tonic’s line of gaming, sassy, and horror designs. She has plenty you’re sure to enjoy – like this one for Resident Evil fans:

Or this one:

Remember, it may seem bleak, but regardless of your situation, you’re never alone! If you’re looking for someone to chat with about video games, you’ll find someone to talk to on either of those social media outlets.

Stay safe, humans! And best of luck!

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