InHype Games Racks Up the Kills in This ‘Clip of the Week’!

We all have personal gaming goals. For some, it’s simply beating a game that’s tried our patience one too many times. Others may be trying to score a world record speedrun. For me, it’s just to survive longer than 3 minutes in a Battle Royale game without doing something stupid. 

We would like to hope for Silerzz of InHype Games, it was scoring a 20-kill victory in PlayerUnkonwn’s Battlegrounds. If so, we can all join in the celebration with this submission for our “Clip of the Week.”

Take a look below at how he dominated the map, took down 20 of his opponents, and survived long enough to take home that coveted chicken dinner! Also, be sure to follow InHype Games on Twitter and subscribe to their YouTube channel for highlights of FPS games.

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