Age of Titans Lands as Our First ‘Clip of the Week’

When I started The Spirit of Gaming, the gaming community was its cornerstone. It wasn’t just about providing news or reviews. I wanted to bring people together, put the spotlight on those that love to game. I first did this with a “Gamer of the Month” feature. Now, I’m expanding it to a “Clip of the Week” section for up and coming streamers and YouTubers.

This week, we have Age of Titans and his impressively steady head in a moment of chaos in Z1 Battle Royale.

Things seemed pretty bleak for Age of Titans as he leaped from the rooftops right into his enemy’s line of sight. The element of surprise worked in his favor, though, as he struck down the trio that was in his path as the toxic gas moved in on them.

His praise-worthy play allowed his squad to take 2nd place. Age of Titans finished the match with 13 kills, his highest score in the battle royale to date.

Check out the clip below, provided by friend and fellow teammate PrimeExample123, and be sure to follow and subscribe to Age of Titans on Twitch for more incredible plays!

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