The Spirit of Gaming Partners with Rotten Tonic for Face Mask Giveaway!

May 21, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

The Spirit of Gaming has partnered with Etsy shop Rotten Tonic for a face mask giveaway perfect for gamers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Abstract Horror Comes to Consoles with ‘The Inner Friend’

April 21, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

You’ve left your childhood fears behind, right? As you crept into adulthood, you found the Read more…

Paul Haddad

Paul Haddad, ‘Resident Evil 2’ (1998) Leon S. Kennedy Voice Actor, Passed Away

April 17, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

The gaming community says goodbye to another legend with the passing of Paul Haddad, best Read more…

Join Team ‘The Spirit of Gaming’ in Extra Life!

April 15, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

Just as I had done for previous years, I will be manning a team for Read more…

One-Winged Angel

‘One Beat Angel FFVII’ Electrifies ‘Final Fantasy VII’ Soundtrack

April 14, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

If you ever played the original Final Fantasy VII and thought, “Man, this is really Read more…

Fun Fact: We Almost Had Two New Games in the Alien Franchise!

February 9, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

Maybe it’s a “not-so-fun fact,” especially after The Creative Assembly further proved that there is Read more…

‘Maneater’ Review: A Shallow RPG That’s Deeply Entertaining

May 26, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

It was like music to my ears. At the E3 2018 PC Gaming Show, Blindside Read more…

‘Doom Eternal’ is the Bigger, Gorier Sequel We Wanted

April 9, 2020 The Gamer's Ghost

More ripping. More tearing. It’s all we could want from a sequel to id Software’s Read more…

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Review

October 9, 2018 The Gamer's Ghost

I came out of Resident Evil 6 with one feeling – regret. Why had I suffered through Read more…